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A discretionary fund that helps us meet our responsibilities to future generations through education and research

Humankind in the 21st century has been confronted by a set of increasingly serious challenges in the form of global environmental degradation, international conflict, social inequality, and citizen uncertainty about the future. In the process, international trends and conditions affecting Japan have undergone rapid change. As a technology powerhouse, Japan faces an imperative to proactively find solutions to these challenges.

Since its founding in 1897, Kyoto University has endeavored to cultivate an atmosphere of academic freedom, establish itself as a premier institution for scholarship in a diversity of academic domains, and supply society with a wealth of highly qualified human talent.

To better address the formidable challenges now facing human society while sustaining the intellectual and human assets it has nurtured through its own over-century-old tradition, Kyoto University will continue to meet its responsibilities as a force for the generation of knowledge and cultivation of human talent.

The setting for national universities in Japan has entered an era of distressing change. In addition to the forces reshaping the nation's finances and the year-on-year downtrend in the scale of University Grants that hitherto have served as a key supporting foundation for university operations, Japanese universities have also experienced a decline in the domestic population of fresh high-school graduates, an atmosphere of increasingly intense competition with other universities worldwide to attract new students, and even a transition in the needs and expectations associated with university education. Nevertheless, it is vitally important that each institution have the stable financial footing to expand its activities in the arenas of world-class education and research and fulfill its social role in a timely fashion and to the best of its ability.

The Kyoto University Fund is of pivotal importance to that end.

Since its inception in 2007, the Kyoto University Fund has earned broad support from university alumni, students' parents, the surrounding community, and companies and private organizations. We are deeply grateful for that support. Furthermore, we sincerely request your continued understanding and support for the spirit and principles that will guide Kyoto University on into the years ahead.

Message from the President

Juichi Yamagiwa
Kyoto University

Staying unique: The driving force for Kyoto University

Staying unique: The driving force for Kyoto University

Kyoto University, located in the ancient city of Kyoto, has built its tradition on staying unique.

A university education comprises the pursuit of new discoveries with existing knowledge and technologies. Kyoto University has evolved as an institution where students and faculty members can together engage in a creative exploration of interesting theories and ideas. That atmosphere has enabled talented students and researchers alike to hone their skills and pursue careers backed by a university experience that is in touch with society and the wider world.

I am confident these sources of fresh ideas and human talent will aid the quest for solutions to the many challenges now burdening global society and help create future societies of genuine innovation and well-being.

With that future vision in mind, Kyoto University is committed to the continuation of research on unique and interesting themes and the cultivation of human talent that will deliver fresh innovations.

The Kyoto University Fund ensures that our institution will be able to maintain its atmosphere of academic freedom without pressure from the outside. On that understanding, we would be deeply grateful for your continued Fund donations and support.