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Connecting people, space, and time: from Japan’s ancient capital to outer space

Synergetic Studies for Space connects people, space, and time
The Kyoto University Unit of Synergetic Studies for Space (USSS) is working collaboratively and comprehensively with a wide range of research fields to create Synergetic Studies for Space, spanning academic disciplines from science and engineering through to humanities and social sciences. The USSS is engaged in education, research, human resource development, and a variety of activities to connect space studies with the wider society.
Program-Specific Professor Takao Doi on the space station (©NASA)
In recent years, humans have been venturing further into outer space and expanding its use. Studies of space have extended to academic disciplines such as sociology, law, and psychology. It has also become essential to develop international leaders capable of tackling the new problems emerging as a result of advancement and expanded use of space. Looking at Japan, we also see the need for revitalization of the stagnating space industry.
These realities have elevated the importance of the activities of the USSS in establishing Synergetic Studies for Space, cultivating human resources, and expanding space-related demand. This fund was established in order to further enhance the unit’s activities.
Some of the many human resource development and social engagement activities of the USSS
The fund will be used for purposes such as employing outstanding personnel and supporting the dispatch of students and young researchers to foreign institutions, helping to build the field of Synergetic Studies for Space and to encourage international leaders to tackle various problems in space development and its use. It will also be used for a wide range of activities to raise public awareness of space-related issues and contribute to the human expansion into space.

Fund applications

Category Content
Securing personnel Employment of outstanding researchers and support staff
Supporting educational programs Assistance in the dispatch of students/researchers to foreign institutions and the advancement of educational activities
Supporting research Advancement of research activities related to Synergetic Studies for Space
Social engagement Public outreach activities and publicity related to Synergetic Studies for Space

For more information, please visit the Kyoto University Unit of Synergetic Studies for Space website.