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At iCeMS, we develop new insights into the principles of life that distinguish living things from non-living things, and harness these ideas to create bio-inspired super materials and devices that will revolutionize health-care, medicine, industry and the Environment, and create a sustainable world for us all. Drawing on a legacy of academic and scientific excellence, in the heartland of Japan's cultural and intellectual development, Kyoto, iCeMS has assembled an elite team of world-beating researchers and innovative scientists. We are pushing the boundaries of known science in the search for game-changing solutions to some of humanity's most pressing problems in healthcare, energy, neuroscience, longevity, fertility, the Environment, and more.
Whilst much of the work we do here at the Institute is Pure Science, we are absolutely certain that our research combining high-level chemistry, cell biology and physics, at the border between materials and life, will meaningfully impact upon the world in which we live.
The research we carry out at iCeMS will help doctors to fight such perennial problems as heart disease, cancer, and degenerative brain conditions, as well as develop invaluable new medicines and therapies. Our revolutionary work also addresses key issues such as global warming, pollution, over-dependency on fossil fuels, and the availability of clean drinking water.
Generous gifts from donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue and develop this research at the cutting edge of modern science. We are not merely content to improve existing technologies, but seek to effect paradigm shifts in the way science may benefit humanity.

Help us to help the World. Together we can make a difference. Because we care.

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Personnel training
Expenses for the hiring and overseas assignment of young researchers
Research assistance
Expenses for the promotion of integrated research
Social contributions
Sponsorship of public lectures and seminars
Global publication of research findings

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