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General Purpose Fund

For education, research, and social contributions only Kyoto University can deliver

Education, research, and social contributions are a university's core missions. Since its founding in 1897, Kyoto University has placed the utmost value on the cultivation of creative ideas within an atmosphere of academic freedom and endeavored to pioneer new horizons of scholarship. As part of that history and tradition, through the years it has educated many talented individuals and met the demands of society and the times with research excellence and outcomes that deliver benefits to society as a whole.
However, in recent years Japan's national universities have had to chart a course through increasingly troubled waters attributable to a series of distressing changes, including a decline in the number of Japanese high-school graduates, intensifying competition with universities abroad to attract new students, and a shift in the needs and expectations associated with university education. Given these circumstances, Kyoto University has faced the necessity of establishing stable sources of financing that will enable it to maintain its world-leading standards and expand its activities in the arenas of liberal education and research on an independent basis. Established in 2007, the Kyoto University Fund is one such vehicle for that purpose. The Kyoto University Fund is designed to provide the financial resources that will enable Kyoto University to achieve its goals of educating resilient and intelligent students with global perspectives, supporting young researchers in their pursuit of challenging germinal research areas, developing a research environment that facilitates research accomplishments spanning a broad spectrum of the natural and social sciences and humanities, and making social contributions that harness the University's academic assets.

Fund applications

Category Content
Educational assistance Development of mixed-living dormitory facilities for Japanese and foreign students
Defined-benefit scholarships
Financial assistance for language study and research abroad
Scholarships and assistance with living expenses for international students from abroad
Support for independent student activities
Research assistance Development of unrestricted and cutting-edge research settings
Assignment of young researchers to academic societies abroad
Social contributions Sponsorship of public extension courses and lectures
Global publication of research findings and accomplishments