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Voices of Students

Kyoto University Fund supports students tackling various challenges in order to send them from the “window” of Kyoto University to their respective stages. We aim to actively use the funds for this support.

Joining the John Mung Program (The Overseas Visit Program for Students)

◎Junior, Informatics and Mathematical Science, Faculty of Engineering (Stanford University)
Interviewed in May 2015

I was worried about the gap between aspiring entrepreneurship and my area of expertise, mathematical science. However, I was encouraged by the people I met in this program who wish to establish a company in order to improve social issues through their business, which is not necessarily related to their expertise. Through this experience, I changed my mind and started to strongly wish to work abroad, and I am now studying English harder.

◎Sophomore, Faculty of Economics (Yonsei University, South Korea)
Interviewed in May 2015

I took Korean classes for one year prior to joining the program, however, the course in Yonsei employed a range of interactive teaching methods, and it was hard for me to keep up in class. Nevertheless, I spent a great time experiencing Korean culture and communicating with students there. After returning to Japan, I applied for another study program in Korea. Since I decided to study abroad when I entered Kyoto University, I could focus on studying Korean. I believe that if you set a concrete goal as early as possible, you can strive for the goal more successfully.